Please read it carefully.

  • Drinks are available from the vending machine. Please help yourself to drink. We don’t provide meals.
  • You can bring your own drink. (Except alcoholic drinks)
  • You can visit our animal cafe without a reservation, but waiting times can vary depending on the attendance.
  • A minimum of 60mins entrance is required when making a reservation. You cannot change the locations after making a reservation. Please make sure check if the location is the place you would like to visit.
  • We cannot give refunds if you cancel your reservation on the day. If you’d like to change the detail of the reservation, please contact us through the inquiry form, call or our social media.
  • On the next page, the section of selecting the number of people might not be translated in English depending on your devices. If you are not sure, please refer to the following.
  • Please contact us in advance if you are planning to live stream and come for interviews in the cafe.
  • Please note that we cannot be responsible for any injuries, allergies, damage and dirt caused by animals.

Requests from our animals.

  • Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by parents.(Under 15 years of age at Harajuku Terrace and Asakusa.)
  • Please sanitize your hands before interacting with the animals. (It's to protect the health of the animals.)
  • We operate with the safety of the animals as our top priority. (In order to avoid unexpected accidents.)


About the store

  • Please tell me about the pricing system.

    The pricing system differs depending on the store. Please see the information on each store page.
    Store list »

  • Can I buy animals at the store?

    Yes, you can purchase it. The types of animals vary depending on the store. Please contact each store for details.
    Store list »

  • Do you offer food and drinks at the store?

    No, we do not provide food or drinks. You can bring your own drinks. (excluding alcohol)

  • Is barcode payment possible?

    Yes, you can use "paypay".

  • Is credit card accepted?

    Yes, you can use "VISA", "JCB", "Master", "Amex", and "Diners".

  • Do you have gift cards that can be used in stores?

    No, we currently do not have one available.

  • Do you have staff who can speak English?

    Yes, it varies depending on the store, but we can provide information about store operations in English. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Is it okay to take photos at the store and upload them to SNS or YouTube?

    Yes, there is no problem with uploading photos, but please be careful not to include staff or other customers in your photos.

About the Animals

  • Can you give me a lecture on how to touch animals?

    Yes, our staff who are experienced in caring for animals will provide detailed explanations.

  • Can I purchase my favorite animal on the spot?

    Yes, we can welcome hedgehogs, chinchillas, ferrets, etc. Please ask store staff for details.

  • Can I feed the animals?

    Yes, we sell snacks. You can feed the treats you have purchased.


  • Do you have a store in Kansai?

    Currently (as of October 2023), we operate 6 stores in the Kanto region. In the future, when we open a store, we will send information on our homepage from time to time, so please check it.