• Drinks are at a self-service basis, We do not provide food.
  • You can bring your own food and drinks. (Alcohol is prohibited).
  • We also sell supplies for Hedgehog breeding at HARRY's.
  • You can also make a visit to our store, Please feel free to visit us.
  • We will not give you any refund nor take any responsibility for an infection, allergy reaction ripped clothing,etc.If you are allergic to animals, please consult your doctor before visiting the cafe.

Store policies

  • Children under the age 12 are requested to be accompanied by parents or a guardian at all times in order to avoid any injuries to Hedgehog's.
  • To protect the health of little Hedgehogs, We kindly request customers to disinfect their hands before interacting with the hedgehogs.
  • The safety and health of Hedgehog's is our topmost priority. Please cooperate with all of the rules above and regulations to avoid any accidents.


Welcome to Hedgehog Cafe HARRY!
Our cafe is a place where 'healing' and 'fun' resonate together.
We offer a heartwarming special space where you can interact with adorable, fluffy hedgehogs and other charming small animals with cute gestures.

We have experienced staff on hand to take care of the well-being and handling of small animals, including hedgehogs, even for first-time visitors, so please rest assured.
We also have staff who can speak English, so customers from overseas are very welcome.

Our entire staff is here to ensure that the small animals are comfortable, and to help our customers have an enjoyable time.
Please feel free to stop by.

About Hedgehog

The type of Hedgehogs you can meet at HARRY are called the African Pigmy hedgehogs or the Four toed Hedgehog. They get the name from having four toes on their hind limbs. They actually show many expressions and because of their cute behavior, they fascinate many people today.


    This classic color combination is known as a standard color. As the name suggests, the contrast of white and black makes it look appealing.


    A soft brown hedgehog is very pretty, and it feels soft.

  • PIED

    It is a mix of two different colors. Fashionable!


    It is a mix of two colors, brown and white in a mottling pattern.


    It is a mix of two colors, cinnamon brown and white in a mottling pattern.


    Overall they are light brown in color, but the quills are dark brown. The whole appearance gives a soft subtle impression.


    It is bright beige colored with red eyes.


    A type without pigmented quill. The quill and all body hair is so light in color, which make it easy to see the pink skin of the body. The red eyes are also the distinct features.


    It is fashionable like a white body wearing pieces of charcoal.



Some hedgehogs are full of energy and love to play, while others are laid-back and go at their own pace.
There are also some who are a bit shy around people.
Hedgehogs not only vary in appearance but also in personality. Their talents and preferences are all different.
Through communication, please bring out the individual personalities of these little ones.

  • Happy guy!

    It loves to lie on the back and get patted on the belly. Sometimes it squat down on the owner's hand.

  • The startled one!!

    If you put a hand inside their cage, it gets startled and says "Fushhhhh". This one gets easily frightened. On such times let's just watch over from outside.

  • Love going for a walk!!

    This one Loves to exercise. It is very happy when there's lot of movement to do!

  • Sleeping soundly

    Sleeps soundly on the hands of its favorite owner...