– About Reservations –

If you wish to stay for 30 minutes, please do not make a reservation.

Reservations are not required to enter the cafe, however, you may need to line up if the cafe is full. 

Please note that reservations are for one hour only and you will not be able to change to 30 minutes once you have booked. 

The price per person is 2,860yen (with tax) to play with the hedgehogs.


6:00pm is the latest time that you can book. 


Please follow the steps listed below for reservation.


1. Please select the date for your reservation.


2. The available time slots will be shown.


3. From the available time slots, please select the starting time, ending time, and number of visitors for your reservation.


4. Please fill out your contact information.


5. Please select the check box and click on the reservation button.

Please note that for cancellation of the reservation on the same day, we will charge you the full amount as a cancellation fee. Please cancel your reservation at least one day before your visit.


– Reservations will be for one hour and you will be charged the full price even if you leave early. 


<< Note >>
Entry fee for the cafe is charged per person.